The Interspect Ltd. primarily produces aerial ortho image maps by RGB, MS or HS remote sensing and develops airborne instruments.

Aerial Remote Sensing and geodesy in Airport Safety

We have developed a method and a quality assurance system which covers the complete process from making an aerial survey to data processing.
Full article: Bakó G., Szilágyi Zs., Bagdi Zs., Molnár Zs., Góber E., Molnár A. The GSD dependency of the eTOD photogrammetric survey CEAS Aeronautical Journal 2019,

Research, Methodology

he examinations of other available methods (e.g. conventional terrestrial survey, LiDAR, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (e.g. Drone)) has made it clear that the aerial photogrammetry is the fastest available procedure with the highest efficiency and therefore the best way to increase aviation safety. Our newest survey method provides more accurate terrain- and obstacle information and makes it possible to detect significantly more obstacles on the terrain and in the air then the classic surveys - including the detailed field terrestrial survey. Our works have compliance with ADQ commission.


The corporation of the Erenfield Consulting and Interspect companies offers solution and partnership opportunities for the airports of ICAO (international civil aviation organization) Member States for Electronic Terrain- and Obstacle Data Collection.All our works are in conformity with ICAO, EASA (European union aviation safety agency), EUROCONRTOL documents, and European Union regulations such as 73/2010/EU-ADQ, fulfilling the claims of the European Union, and also the expected development of flying safety.
The Erenfield Consulting Ltd. is a company whose main aim is counselling in legal

  • control system of airports
  • managing work of Electronic Terrain- and Obstacle Data Collection
  • developing geoinformatic system for airports

  • Products by Aerial Remote Sensing

    Remote sensing for constructions, investment control, obstacle databases, airport development, impact studies, decision support and management systems and GIS.


    We provide assistance in the following fields

  • Guidance: Giving advice on legal and regulatory system of airports
  • Assessment: Managing airport terrain- and obstacle data assessment based on ICAO standards
  • Development and implementation: development and implementation of airport area projects
  • Image Interpretation: Evaluation of remotely sensed images, database construction

  • Web GIS

  • Cadastral mapping services, city plans, surveys
  • Environmental Information Systems (EIS)
  • GIS Centre authorized with web browser, online maps for companies.

  • References

    For the collection and processing developmental works of different territories, please see our further references: Szeged airport, Debrecen international airport, Hungary: eTOD, OLS (assigning of obstacle limitation surfaces and obstacle protection surfaces), ADC, AOC and relevant charts (maps and GIS), obstacle signs and lights reports. (If you need more, we also have further Database and risk assessment references).


    We believe that innovation is our driving force and we are also glad to hear about new ideas so we could develop further and provide better services. (Please contact us.)